Our Training Program

Our athletes cycle through a variety of specialized classes, in addition to their on-ice lessons, throughout the course of a typical training day.

We maintain the belief that each student is unique in their training needs and therefore assign each their own personalized schedule, designed to maximize their development in the most needed areas at any given time. A routine training day is composed of a combination of classes from the following:


Private on-ice Lessons

With ice time available daily from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., students have the opportunity to take several private lessons with our instructors throughout their training day. Collectively, our professionals designate specific areas of focus for each lesson but, as always, work together towards one consistent goal.

Group classes

So often in a young skater’s development, we see the need for a bridge program of basic skating skill instruction between their initial Learn-to-Skate classes, and private lessons. Our group classes are focused on the continuing development of fundamental skating skills while offering a more fun, team-oriented atmosphere. These classes also aid in offsetting some of the costs of training, compared with taking solely private lessons.


International Skating Academy offers traditional off-ice ballet group classes, along with private on-ice lessons from our professional instructors.

Ballroom Dance

Essential to ice dancers in particular. Private ballroom dancing lessons are available both on and off the ice.

Modern Dance

Off-ice, group class.

Mime Art

Private instruction on and off the ice (to develop the skill of story-telling through body movement).

Video Replay

Private lessons using mounted, rinkside monitors and the latest high-definition technology to film and breakdown the technical components of each element.

Off-ice strength training

Group classes focused on developing explosive power and all-around strength.