Michael Lee

Michael Lee

Teaching / Coaching Experience:

  • 5 years at Arctic Edge of Canton
  • Guest teacher at Minto Skating Club (Ottawa, Canada), All-Seasons Club (Naperville, IL), Stars FSC (Plano, TX)
  • Teaching Assistant, Marcel Marceau’s last US Seminar (2001)
  • Mime, Physical Acting, Stage & Industrial show Director (since 1986)
  • Artistic Director, Austin Mime Theatre

Professional Accomplishments:

  • Two of his original mime dramas selected for “Lascaux, Dawn of Art” (2005) and “This, Uh, Body” (2010) both selected for the International Thespian Festival
  • Testimonial by Marcel Marceau himself: “You have a distinct drama and strength…the calibre of my own company”

Interesting / Fun Facts:

  • I live on a small farm where all the work is done with horses. I also train horses and teach people to drive, and ride them.
  • I went to culinary school and at one time aspired to be a master chef.